Membership is about more than attending church meetings. Members commit to joining a spiritual family that provides encouragement and support. They are called to a higher degree of responsibility, service and sacrifice.

Becoming a Member at Dutchtown

To be a member of DBC you must first be a Christian who has been scripturally baptized. You may join by a “statement” of your faith or by moving your membership “letter” from another Baptist church. If you have not yet followed Jesus’ example in scriptural baptism, you can schedule a meeting with one of our pastors.

Baptism at Dutchtown

Have you discovered what life in Jesus Christ is all about? If so, then the next step in your spiritual journey is baptism. At DBC baptism by immersion is required for church membership. During our membership class you will learn more about the importance and practice of baptism at DBC. If you would like to speak with someone about scheduling your baptism or have questions, then please contact us.