Current series: Life on mission

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Our mission statement: Know, Grow, Go

God created us for community and discipleship, both of which happen best in small-group settings. We have two simple goals in our small groups, which meet each Sunday at 9 a.m.:

• Developing a sense of community — Connect with believers walking through similar life stages, and building relationships that provide support and accountability. We encourage regular fellowship (in class and individual settings) to encourage relationships that go deeper than casual acquaintances and result.
• Life application of scripture — The Word of God is meant to be applied to our lives, so each lesson (which can be downloaded below) is designed to encourage discussion and expand practical application of scripture.

We base this approach on Acts 2:44-45:

“Day by day, continuing with one mind in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they were taking their meals together with gladness and sincerity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved.”

Just as the first church understood the importance of relationships in their spiritual lives, we believe involvement in a DBC small group provides the best opportunity to be actively engaged in each other’s lives, grow our faith through accountability and discussion of God’s Word, and reaching outside the boundaries of the campus to spread the Gospel.

Our small study groups, which meet each Sunday at 9 a.m., are organized by stage of life, so no matter where you are in your walk there are other believers with whom you can relate and grow in understanding of God’s calling. Our current small groups include:

• Young singles — This group is where young, single men and women who have graduated high school and are attending college or beginning their work lives get together for fellowship and study of God’s Word.
• Parents of young children — The members of this group understand what parents of young children go through on a daily basis. Join this class to study the living word of God, and build relationships that provide support during the challenges and celebration during the joys of parenting.
• Parents of older children — Those with high-schoolers and empty nesters can find support in this small group. Learn how others deal with the challenges of youth approaching high-school graduation and of spouses re-engaging one another after children leave home, while studying God’s Word.
• Women — If you are a single woman, a single mom or a wife whose husband does not attend church, this group offers a place of comfort and support.
• Older adults — Retired? Well, you never retire from study of God’s Word and the community of faith, so join this loving group that is devoted study of scripture, fellowship and service.


Current Series: Life on mission


In this five-week series, we learn more about living missional lives from Ed Mason, Ronnie Floyd, Jimmy Scroggins, Ellis Prince and J.D. Greer.

• Jan. 1: Life on mission — God has invited all of us to live life on mission for Him. Click here to download the study guide. Watch this week’s video!
• Jan. 8: God’s design — God designed for us to be connected to Him in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Watch this week’s video!
• Jan. 15: Brokenness — The world is broken by sin, but can be redeemed through the gospel. Watch this week’s video!
• Jan. 22: Gospel — The gospel is the good news that God has done everything necessary to save us. Watch this week’s vid!
• Jan. 29: Three circles — Living life on mission means engaging people with the gospel. Watch this week’s video!

Recently completed

Reset bible study

To reset something is literally set something again — to restore it to its original design, its original purpose and its original intent. And, while we understand how a resets helps a computer to run smoother or a budget to get back on track, what’s a little more mysterious is how a human being gets reset — how an inner-world reset might work. Is restoring one’s soul to its original design even possible? And, if so, how do we get in on that?

“Reset” exists to call churches back to their original mission: to walk by faith instead of by sight, to be known not as those who judge well but who love well, to speak hope instead of caving to the hopelessness trumpeted in the world, to be the hands and feet of Jesus. And the way these goals get met is by catalyzing a reset in the hearts, minds and individual lives that make up the church.

The videos for this four-week series can be accessed below, and we invite you to join us at 9 a.m. each Sunday to discuss how to reset our walk with the Great Creator.

• Jesus, reset my heart — Click here to watch the Week 1 video.
• Jesus, reset my mind — Click here to watch the Week 2 video.
• Jesus, reset my voice — Click here to watch the Week 3 video.
• Jesus, reset my hands — Click here to watch the Week 4 video.


Pete Wilson helps us discover what the bible says about finding hope and how it transforms us every day. Join us in this six-week session that begins with a discussion about how we are never beyond hope and takes us through how we can allow that hope to transform our lives.

Each week’s lesson includes a short video that we encourage you to watch during your preparatory time. NOTE: The viewing PIN for each video is 1655.

Hope needed — You are never beyond hope. Watch the video! 2 Sam. 9:1-13
Hope found — When we seek Christ, we find hope. Matt. 8:1-13 Watch the video!
Hope personified — God welcomes us because of his deep love for us. Luke 15:11-32 Watch the video!
Hope expressed — Gratitude is our response to the hope we have in Christ. Ps. 138-1-8 Watch this week’s video!
Hope renewed — When you fail, Jesus will restore you. John 18:15-27; 21:15-29 Watch the video!
Hope shared — After we find hope in Christ, we must share it with others. Acts 3:1-10 Watch the video!

Authentic bible study


James McDonald takes us through the disciplines of an authentic faith. McDonald challenges us right from the beginning: “Are you an authentic person? Are you an authentic Christian? Or are there areas of hypocrisy nagging at the corners of your life? This is a series to help you tackle that (hypocrisy). There are things authentic Christians do, and if we do the things authentic Christians do we’ll feel the things that authentic Christians feel and we’ll be the people authentic Christians are.” So join us as we walk through this seven-week study to learn the disciplines that will produce authentic, committed Christians.

Each week’s lesson includes a short video that we encourage you to watch before Sunday so you’re fully prepared to discuss the lesson. NOTE: Enter 1655 when asked for a video PIN.

Seven habits of highly hypocritical people — If we live for anyone other than an audience of One, we will become hypocrites. Watch the video! Matt. 23:2-7
The disciplines of personal Bible study — To practice the disciplines of personal Bible study, we must pick it up, size it up and eat it up. Watch the video! Ps. 1:1-3
The discipline of personal prayer — We must practice personal prayer that is real, simple, worshipful, submissive, repentant and expectant. Watch this week’s video! Luke 11:2-4
The discipline of fasting — When we fast, we abstain from food in order to heighten our hunger for the things of God. Watch this week’s video! Luke 4:1-4
The discipline of fellowship — One of the surest barometers of the quality of your Christian life is the quality of your fellowship with other believers. Watch the video! Acts 2:42-47
The discipline of service — The way we serve reveals how well we’ve internalized what Christ has done for use. Watch this week’s video! Luke 17:7-10
The discipline of worship — Worship is the most-powerful, joy-producing, hope-sustaining, life-altering act that we do. Watch this week’s video! Ps. 191-3.